Inspiring Personal Experiences with Professional Planning

Everyone who has professionalized their personal planning with 2ease has been enthusiastic about the immediate life-changing effects. Those who had already thought themselves to be well-planned and organized were especially surprised to realize how much better they felt when they consistently planned their days in a few calm minutes each morning.

Individuals who had previously felt over-stressed and overwhelmed found themselves feeling immediately better at work and in their after-work hours. That is the unanimous experience of all those who have transitioned into professional daily planning with 2ease SMan.

The following link will lead you to a page with many excerpts and audio files from interviews with 2ease SMan users:


”Already well organized. 30-40% increase in productivity. Can go home in time and everything feels safe and well.“ Andrea, mid-30s, supervisor of a large sales department

“Is amazed by the instantaneous substantial effect. Can impress his boss and feels better at work as well as at home.“ Thomas, around 40, division manager IT. 

“No more procrastination and I’m more honest and disciplined with myselfMarkus, late 30s, department head technology

“Fewer things get lost. You come out of each day with a considerably more satisfied feeling“ – branch manager, mid-40s

“I still smoff everyday and I have to say it helped me more than any anti-depressant– Biochemist, early 60s

“Early on, I had already noticed how much more effective my work is.“ – Commercial department head, late 40s

“What I definitely like about Smoffing is that it’s more structured than what I’ve had before and also more detailed… “ – divisional head, mid-40s

“I do believe that you become more productive since you also don’t forget anything. I’m certain I’m more balanced.“ – Manager in corporate headquarters, mid-30s

Smoffing not only made my transition easier, it even helped me get a little bit ahead of my coworkers.“ – acting manager automation, late 30s

“If I don’t smoff in the morning, I feel extremely unprepared, like a barber without scissors.“ – Senior Software Engineer, mid-30s

“I can see what I’ve completed on the previous day and what I didn’t finish and then plan to deal with it as soon as possible. And I can be certain that none of it gets lost.“ – Employed interior designer, mid-40s

“It really helps me in the sense that the day doesn’t just zoom past me. Instead, I take a few minutes to think about what I have to do.“ – branch manager, mid-40s

“Most of the time I have a good feeling after work, but Smoffen makes me feel more secure and have a good feeling of certainty that I won’t forget anything.“ – Commercial department head, late 30s

“I definitely feel more productive and valued.“ – Technical sales assistant, mid-20s