Each Day, Week, and Year Becomes Systematically Better

The average work life consists of 30 to 40 years. Each year consists of 364 days. To securely and substantially change your work days and work life for the better, you simply need to use every single day a little bit more in your interest. Over months and years, this adds up. That’s why the creation and review of daily plans is the first and most important step towards improving your overall personal planning.

It is the quickest and simplest method of improving weekly and yearly plans. A systematically planned line of action at day level is the foundation for a planned line of action that spans over weeks and years. In the end, a yearly plan always consists of only 220 work days during which you can either do something to work on your goals, or not.

Whatever you want or have to do to reach your goal, whatever project you want to complete, and whatever problems and challenges you have to overcome, everything you do to achieve these things has to fit into one of your days. But those days automatically fill up with activities. Your environment, your screen, and your digital devices automatically fill your time and draw your attention. Taking a few minutes each morning (smoff-time) to review the time usage of your previous day and planning the current day can help against these distractions and make room for your own projects and goals.

You automatically change the composition of your days. You will use less time and attention for useless things and your percentage of time allocated for planned activities will rise, leading you to become less occupied with unplanned things. The operational reactive business is handled more confidently and easily. You’ve made room for yourself  to work more on your strategic long-term goals. You can plan out this space more productively.

Coolness-on-the-Job no matter what

A few minutes of planning each day are enough to competently handle the usual imponderability and surprises of your everyday work life. Handling that is your job. With a plan, you’ll be able to cope with it better.


You can’t have your work environment and work situation under control. But you can control what you take on, what you write down, and how you do it. That’s what defines your productivity and dependability.


Treating each day and week like a project