eMentoring – Planning Support Independent of Time and Place

1.    Teaching Yourself to Plan Professionally


In order to use professional personal planning at work, you simply need to know the logic of 2ease SMan and have a 2ease SMan timeline available as a digital or analog planning medium. With strong self-discipline, motivation, determination, and time, it is absolutely possible to acquire professional planning of days and weeks on your own. The professional self-management (“Professionelles Selbstmanagement“) book by Jürgen Lauber is all you need. It is a motivational, do-it-yourself instruction for the professional planning and review of days and weeks.

2. Planning More Professionally with a Mentor by Your Side

For many people, it is not easy to change from sporadic personal planning to a conscious review and planning phase each morning (Smoffen). You have to slow yourself down so you don’t immediately start your day at the computer. In today’s working environment, it is still unusual to take a few minutes to plan a new day or week. Time pressure, pressure from the environment to always be active, the addictiveness of digital media, and our own convenience all work against taking a few minutes for calm thinking.

When you take your time to make a personal work plan on paper for the first time (smoff-time), you’ll be alone with the uncertainty of whether you’ve understood and applied the planning and review logic properly.

After a few cycles of learning-by-doing, once the new planning system has developed into a habit, it is time for optimization. Naturally, everyone wants to increase their effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of personal planning.

This requires more dexterity in planning or means coordination with your boss, coworkers, and partners regarding content and deadlines. Thanks to a plan, it is possible to catch misunderstandings and discrepancies before it’s too late. If you live a transparent, comprehensible personal planning process, others can play a positive part in your life. They are called mentors. They take care of you and care about your wellbeing.

Mentoring makes the planning of days, weeks, months, and years, as well as the acquisition of a professional planning culture, easy, safe, and fast for everyone. It enables an increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. With a mentor by your side, planned working is a lot more fun.

Since mentoring is so important, we developed a dedicated web / IT based system. Our 2ease Smoffen-Mentoring Platform makes it possible for you to share your personal reviews and plans with a trusted mentor of your choice. They can take part in your planning process regardless of time and place.

3. Mentoring Regardless of Time and Place – via Web App

Since early childhood, humans have grown used to noting down their thoughts on paper. It’s a non-digital world that we’ve become effortlessly proficient with –– one that works everywhere, has no complexities, and basically no costs. These are the reasons why pen and paper are the standard medium for the 2ease SMan planning and review system. When it comes to interaction, mentoring, and planning coordination, however, a digital platform is more convenient.

On it, the 2ease SMan Timeline’s plan pages, or the entire planning and review process, can be digitized via camera and displayed on the 2ease Smoffen-Mentoring Platform (smoff.ch).

Our platform brings together mentees and mentors for professional personal planning. As a mentee on our platform, you will have full control over your account and the digitized review and planning data on it. You can enable automatic mails that remind you to do Smoffen (daily planning). After finishing your plan, you can take a picture of your review of the previous day as well as plan for the current day and conveniently upload it to your account.

Mentees have full control over who gets to see what of their personal planning activity. All personal work plans and reviews, including feedback and advice, are secured in your Smoffen-mentee account.

Your personal plans are not going to be distributed via e-mail systems that you cannot control. You can delete your Smoffen-Mentee account, including your entire planning and review history, at any time.


Having a role model for professional planning and self-management

4. Insight into the Personal Planning of J. Lauber (Master-Mentor)

Professional planning is the foundation for professional self-management. That’s what Jürgen Lauber is an expert in, as shown in his book “Professionelles Selbstmanagement” (www.selbstmanagement.co). In this book, he demonstrates the profound impact that professional planning has on both day-to-day work and your entire work life, especially in times of crisis and difficult circumstances.

In order to follow challenging and inspiring goals, as Jürgen Lauber does, it is essential to have highly professional plans for days and weeks. These plans are shared with all of his mentees, as well as those who are active as mentors themselves. That is inspiring, even for experienced senior managers. This can be seen  in the e-mail down below. This e-mail is from someone with international experience, who is recognized in management and was called to the board of a European organization at the age of 70. He uses the 2ease SMan planning system on a daily basis. The following graph of review and planning phases clearly shows this.

Selbstmanagement Mentee Mail Mart


Dear Jürgen,

My daily Smoff-Meeting is already showing its effects. Even at 70 years old, I’m still moving upwards. You’ve inspired me to take aim at my goals with even more focus.

Thank you very much for that.

Stay healthy.



For this person (Martin), a short face-to-face briefing of about one hour and occasional mentoring feedback via our Smoffen web app were enough to make it this far.

Martin is always able to look at the life-planning / reviews of his master-mentor J. Lauber. The development of his planning with the Smoffen-Mentoring Platform (www.smoff.ch) is illustrated in the following pictures.